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Our expert benefit advisors can help you better understand your workforce and design a unique scheme to attract, motivate and retain the most talented people. Benefit packages are often imitated in such a highly competitive talent market. We provide market leading insight to ensure your benefit scheme differentiates you from the competition, rather than becoming a hygiene factor in the recruitment process.

Benefit scheme take up means little in isolation. Without proper measures in place, it can be difficult to tell whether your benefit scheme is helping to attract talent and motivate your workforce or preventing your most disengaged individuals from moving on.

Our offer is different to traditional models. We undertake employee research to reveal the attitudes and motivations of your workforce, coupled with a detailed analysis of your benefit scheme. This allows us to measure the true effectiveness of your benefit programme and deliver meaningful improvements to help achieve your objectives.

Over a decade of experience and insights ...

At Staffcare we provide a full range of advisory services to assist with your benefit programme, including helping you to answer important questions about your benefit scheme.

  • What benefits should we offer to achieve our objectives?
  • How do we ensure our employees are fully engaged?
  • What's the impact of our benefit scheme on recruitment and attrition?
  • Does our benefit scheme represent good value for money?

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