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Staffcare commissioned an independent survey to understand flexible benefits and technology and attitudes across the industry as a whole.

Key Findings

81% of companies offer some form of flex to their employees
Flex is about offering choice but it’s also about recognising diversity. Someone in their late 50s will not necessarily want the same benefits as their colleagues in their early 20s/30s who are just starting families. Think about how the benefits you offer employees will respect their diversity, values and lifestyle stage and the associated value you can place on that.
64% believe that offering benefits improves staff recruitment and retention
Are you getting left behind by your competitors making it difficult to attract employees? The longer term cost savings of improved staff recruitment and retention together with the possible savings through tax and national insurance and time, sometimes completely outweigh the costs involved of implementing a flexible benefits programme.
70% of employers believe offering flexible benefits helps with employee engagement
Could you increase the level of understanding amongst your employees on the value of the benefits being provided to them with a comprehensive flexible benefits programme and also help educate employees on important financial decisions through intelligent financial modelling tools and technology?
77% offer flex to maximise Tax and NI savings
Are you making the most of the savings to be had for you and your employees by offering flexible benefits?

Here’s an example of what you could save.

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