When Employees See The Value Through Their Benefits Portal Everyone Reaps The Reward

Do your employees really understand the true value of the benefits you provide?  Are you attracting the best in your industry?  Are you helping employees understand and educating them on their finances, their pensions and their wider benefit options?  
Our latest research discovered that 70% of employers believe offering flexible benefits helps with employee engagement and that for the majority online communication is THE way to deliver that  benefit information.
Whatever employee benefits you offer, or are thinking about offering, Staffcare can help you with benefits communication, benefits enrolment and benefits administration with your own customised benefits portal and transform your employee engagement.

Staffcare software is modular and is centred around a Benefits Portal which facilitates the communication, education, enrolment and administration of all employee benefits (financial and lifestyle) on a UK or global basis.
Staffcare Benefits Portal

"Engage and educate employees, improve their financial wellbeing and help them to value the benefits you provide"

Benefit Portals Tailored For You

Tailored For You And Your Employees

We configure and brand Benefit Portals specifically for you.

And, with a consolidated view of their total reward package together with benefit booklets, staff handbooks, financial guides and interactive planning tools employees will see the true value of your investment in them.

Let Employees See The True Value

The true value of benefits is communicated with graphical, dynamic Total Reward Statements showcasing core, flexible and anytime benefits.

And we make selecting Salary Sacrifice and Flexible Benefits simple for employees using e-commerce style “benefit baskets” to make their choices.

To help increase understanding of benefits and their financial impact we have salary modelling tools so employees can model different scenarios whilst seeing the benefits of utilising salary sacrifice and  get to see the impact on their take home pay as they select each benefit.
Benefits Portal montage

Give Employees A Reason To Keep Coming Back

We want your employees to keep coming back to your Benefits Portal day after day so that they are constantly reminded about the value of their total reward package and the investment you are making in them. We have a wealth of engagement tools to ensure this happens.
HR Self-Service, online payslips, modelling tools, videos, emails, retail discounts and anytime benefits – just some of the tools to help increase employee engagement.
Help employees save more with Online Retail Discounts

Help employees save more with Online Retail Discounts

We can link to whoever your provider of choice is or use our own retail discount solutions to suit your individual needs.
Manage time off in one application with Holidays and Absence Tracking

Make flexible benefits available "anytime"

You don't need to limit your employees to once a year choices. You can give your employees the opportunity to make Flexible Benefit choices anytime, all year round, with our Anytime Benefits functionality.
Save paper and improve engagement with Online payslips

Save paper and improve engagement with Online payslips

Getting employees to come back to the portal weekly or monthly to find out how much they have been paid will serve as a constant reminder of the other benefits you provide them.
Target employees with relevant email communications

Target employees with relevant email communications

Our Bulk Emailer allows you to target specific communications at employees based on their current circumstances.
Help employees make decisions with the Pension modeller

Help employees make decisions with the Pension modeller

The Pension Modeller allows employees to model different pension scenarios and see the value of their future retirement income.
Give employees control with HR Self-Service

Give employees control with HR Self-Service

Encourage employees to self-serve and update their own personal details saving you time in administration and ultimately costs.

Powerful Reporting

We know the value of information and believe that instant access to your data is fundamental to running an efficient benefit scheme. Our software allows you to access data on demand, so that you always have the information available to perform regular tasks or one off analysis. Find out more about reporting.

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