Auto-Enrolment Made Easy

Staffcare has adapted its software to cope with the different demands around auto-enrolment and make it even simpler to use.

As an Employer or an Adviser you are empowered to quickly set up your pension and run the various assessment, communication and enrolment processes in an automated way. 

Staffcare’s Auto-Enrolment module provides an end-to-end solution, covering all stages of the auto-enrolment journey. A feature-rich product that you control;  it can be white-labelled or branded as your own, can easily handle multiple schemes and can be used with any type of pension scheme and any pension provider.

Whether you need more robust software this year to manage your scheme or you need software to manage multiple schemes on behalf of your clients, we have the solution for you..

                                                                                                       "There are many demands on your time with auto-enrolment"

Do You Need More Robust Software This Year To Manage Your Auto-Enrolment?  

As an Employer you need to ensure your obligations are met in the most efficient way with cost effective, compliant auto-enrolment software.

As well as helping you to ...
  • continually assess your workforce to pick up any changes in duties
  • automate compliant communications
  • maintain records for audit and declaration of compliance
  • produce data for payroll and pension providers 
  • use powerful tools to generate key management Information 

... our software is also:
  • easily configured to handle your specific complexities
  • designed to complement your existing processes
  • ideal for continuity of data when pension or payroll providers change.
cost-effective, compliant auto-enrolment software

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