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How to stay on the cutting edge of talent acquisition and retention - 25/05/2016
Companies that want to stay on the cutting edge of talent acquisition and retention need to move beyond offering traditional employee benefits, they need to demonstrate they care about employees changing benefit needs and communicate clearly what options are available.
Because innovations engage employees. Really.
They are also seeking out creative and enviable employee benefits to retain, reward and attract the top talent.
One size no longer fits all
Employers must look to rewards that empower and engage the worker rather than a strategy that relies primarily on financial reward.
For example, older workers are likely to want different rewards to younger coworkers. Employees with families may consider childcare vouchers, their single counterparts look towards gym memberships or support for consolidating debts.
In today’s increasingly diverse working environment, employers may be supporting people aged 16 to 70, the reward package of the future needs to be more of a pick-and-mix offer than a one size fits all to reflect this.
Combined with the ability to customise these benefits at the individual level, a flexible benefits solution needs to be more accessible, on a broader range of devices at any time. The latest technology innovations provide you with features you need to engage employees.
Find out more in our latest white paper “8 key features of a successful employee benefit solution” to discover the latest technology innovations and see if your employee benefits solution is meeting today’s  - and tomorrow’s - requirements. http://www.staffcare.net/eight-features
The FCA clarify views on Lifestyle funds - 16/05/2016

The development of lifestyle funds many years ago made a lot of sense, as they took care of you as you approached retirement. However, under pension freedoms, these funds now have to be questioned. Should you automatically switch into a bond and cash portfolio in the years leading up to your normal retirement date - only for you to then adopt a drawdown approach which would indicate staying invested in the equity market?
The FCA’s recent policy statement PS16/12 on pension reforms had some interesting comments on lifestyle investment strategies. The summary was that the existing rules and guidance provide sufficient clarity on their expectations of pension providers.
Firms should continue to actively review their lifestyle investment strategies to ensure they remain appropriate for their customers and the retirement choices they are making. They should also remind customers of how their lifestyle investment strategy relates to the retirement options available to them and that, if their retirement needs change, they may need to review their investment strategy.
Hence, consumers need to be given the right information to help them make informed decisions. The effectiveness of the new freedoms depends on consumers being able to understand which products and services best suit their needs and offer the best value. Companies need to communicate clearly which retirement options are available and make employees aware of the relevant facts and illustrations of all available products. 

There is now greater emphasis on showing consumers the sustainability of their income so that they can see how long funds will last. The additional flexibility and options open to consumers means that firms need to improve the communication of what options are available and make it easier to make the right choices. Employee benefit platforms make this easier as they ensure the right communication channels are in place and provide the tools to showcase the various products and services. 

Source: http://www.fca.org.uk/static/fca/documents/policy-statements/ps16-12.pdf

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