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Our latest research discovered that 70% of employers believe offering flexible benefits helps with employee engagement and that for the majority online communication is THE way to deliver that  benefit information.
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Staffcare offers Neyber loans to clients and partners - 23/06/2016
Staffcare has chosen Neyber, the leading provider of salary deducted loans, to provide loans across its UK employee customer base.

Neyber provides financial employee benefits that enable employees to reduce borrowing costs with access to affordable loans integrated with payroll - all at no cost to the employer. The disruptive consumer lending platform enables employers to offer loans at more affordable rates than are accessible on the High Street – 4.9% APR. Loan repayments are taken through a unique salary deduction technology that integrates directly with employer payroll systems.

Neyber’s affordable rates, have delivered an effective 5% pay rise to the majority of its existing borrowers, by enabling them to consolidate their debts, saving them up to 20% on monthly debt repayments.

Neyber was chosen by Staffcare because of its focus on improving financial education and wellbeing in the workplace in an era where 70% of UK employees admit to having financial worries and at least 17.5M1 working hours are being lost annually due to employees taking time off work as a consequence of financial stress.    

Commenting on the partnership, Staffcare Founder and CEO, Phil Hollingdale said: “Neyber offers the most compelling new employee benefit that we've seen and that’s why we’re happy to conclude this agreement and recommend Neyber to our clients and partners. The combination of Neyber’s attractive loan product and Staffcare’s cutting edge technology will help to revolutionise the provision of financial employee benefits in the UK.”
To find out more about Neyber, please contact us at hello@staffcare.net.    
1. Neyber’s “The DNA of Financial Wellbeing”; based on the insights from a study of 10,000 UK employees, conducted by specialist research agency Opinium in February 2016. 
Staffcare technology wins awards at the EB Awards Conference 2016 - 17/06/2016

We were delighted to see EasyJet, Callcredit and Groupe Eurotunnel SE all winning awards for innovative and ground-breaking employee benefits schemes, powered by Staffcare technology in collaboration with our partners at the recent Employee Benefits Awards Conference.
Together, they showcased the innovative ways they are using our leading benefits platform to boost employee engagement.
EasyJet, winner of the Best Pension Communications, impressed the judges with its solution to engage a highly disparate, mobile employee demographic with complex pensions issues. Staffcare’s unique technology enables EasyJet to communicate legislative changes in a way that reassures staff about their benefits and empowers them to take more responsibility for their own retirement savings. The multi-faceted communications campaign has already generated an unprecedented number of employees actively engaging with the scheme.
The Groupe Eurotunnel SE, winner of Best Employee Share Scheme, was considered an outstanding example of engaging employees with both the business and its strategy Powered by Staffcare technology, this winning initiative facilitates the communication of a new share incentive plan which has been fully embraced by staff and in turn made a positive impact on the company share price.
Callcredit was awarded Best Flexible Benefits Plan. Their portal, driven by Staffcare, is branded in line with the business’s overall look and feel and is specifically configured for Callcredit with a unique URL: www.benefitsforpeoplelikeyou.com. The innovative approach, described by judges as “slick, good-looking, technology,” invites employees to select one of eight avatars which best suits them via an online personality quiz, helping them better understand all benefits packages available and tailor them to their needs.
Ray Sieber, Managing Director here at Staffcare comments: “We are delighted to see Staffcare technology and our partners behind so many of this year’s award nominees and winners. To offer an innovative employee benefits program, you need flexible technology, which we are consistently enhancing at Staffcare in order to enable our customers to develop creative, compelling and engaging benefits solutions for their employees. We would like to thank the judges and congratulate all the companies who received nominations and awards.”

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